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Connect to your congregation

Encourage your community’s daily relationship with God by sending short daily videos that reiterates the Sunday’s message
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How does Refocus help your community?

Imagine if your community was able to watch a short videos everyday that extended the message you had on Sunday. Everyone stays focused on the vision of each message throughout the week.

No Facebook Distractions

You might have a Facebook group or some other social media outlet to connect to your community. But what you don’t have is a dedicated platform that silences the noise and focuses everything on God all the time.

Providing a safe environment

The REFOCUS App is a safe environment without trolls and haters. Members can be open and encouraging without fear of being attacked because the only people in this group is ones you allow.

Stay on Message

You control the schedule, plans, and the teachings throughout the week. Help your community stay on point and lead them seamlessly into next week’s sermon. Create videos and topics relavant to your congregation.

Small group friendly

A lot of small groups use the message on Sunday to figure out the subject of their meeting during the week. With REFOCUS, you can create specific videos and allow them to discuss these videos between individual days

It’s flexible because we made it for you

You can use the Refocus platform however you like. We realize that not every church is made the same. You can make a two week plan to accompany that group going on a 14 day mission trip. You can make videos for the days that your small groups meet. You can make it the way your church needs it.